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Bristol's facebook page


NAS Bristol exists to support parents and carers of young people with autism in Bristol. The Bristol Branch is run by a small committee of volunteers, all of whom are parents, carers or relatives of young people with autism themselves. As a group, this is done through organising play events for children, as well as information events and support groups for parents / carers to attend.

  • We organise regular inclusive play opportunities for children up to 18 years who have autism.

  • We run parent drop-in groups and speaker events to allow parents to meet others in similar situations to themselves

  • We invite guest speakers to talk to our members about a range of topics connected to autism, such as sleep, behaviour, education and benefits.

  • We host an online Facebook Parent Group to allow members to seek help and support 24/7. The group is a safe space for members to share information, support one another, ask questions and celebrate the good days.

Other NAS Branches


South Gloucestershire:


South Glos' facebook page


We are a parent-led group run by volunteers, most of whom are parents or family members who wish to help others affected by autism (including Asperger syndrome and pathological demand avoidance). Many of our families also have children with a combined diagnosis of other conditions eg ADHD, dyslexia, sensory processing difficulties.


We organise activities for autistic children and young people as well as supporting their parents in the form of local groups that provide support and information.


Our two branch support groups meet on a monthly basis. Please see the support group page for more information. You do not have to have a formal diagnosis to attend our support group as we recognise waiting for a diagnosis is a difficult time. However, children and young people need to have a diagnosis of an ASD or social communication disorder to access our activities.


We offer support over the telephone or by e-mail, however please respect that we are parents with autistic children and we volunteer our time for the branch, so we may need some time to respond to your enquiry.


The branch also takes part in various planning groups in the area to ensure that the needs of autistic people with are being considered.

North Somerset:


North Somerset's facebook page


The Branch offers support to parents of autistic children or autistic adults.

Contact the branch direct for details of support group meetings, newsletters and social events.

Bath & North East Somerset

There isn't an NAS Branch in BaNES at the moment, but there is a facebook page.