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Step into Work: Supported internships at EDF Energy, Atkins Global and other employers


Please find attached internships run by National Star. They are not for just Gloucestershire and they are also planning more in the Bristol area.


The person managing this programme is Oli Sandell if you would like to call and talk about this further you can do on: 07837 555329 or email:

Interesting opportunity to be an expert by experience


Remploy are looking to recruit several people for a role called 'expert by experience' in the South West area and asked me to advertise this to parents.


The Care Quality Commission have an ongoing programme of inspections across a range of health and social care settings. To ensure that inspections are comprehensive and balanced a range of experts are included. Many inspections include an 'expert by experience' - someone who has first hand experience of that type of service themselves or has been the family carer for someone who has.


The primary role of an 'expert by experience' is to give a voice to service users. It's a very fulfilling and rewarding role and a great opportunity for people to develop their skills, confidence and experience is a supportive environment.


You can find out more about being an 'expert by experience' and register your interest here


This is a paid role, you get paid to attend training and then an hourly rate per inspection you take part in.

Bristol Disability quality Forum (DEF) is currently recruiting volunteers for our new Peer Support Project. This is to accompany people applying for Employment Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payment to assessments. Please take a look at this information about the project - I would be grateful if you could circulate this to your members.


We do not expect volunteers to offer benefit advice at all, the service is to provide moral support at what many people  experience as a stressful and worrying time.

Watch our employment talk online

Autistica held an event in September discussing Employment and if you are interested in listening to it, here is a link to the Conference on YouTube.

Step and Stone are hosting two Open Mornings organised for February. (Details on this flier).


The main objective of Step and Stone is to act as a bridge between education and employment/meaning voluntary work for young adults with a learning disability, so we offer training in transferable baking skills but also in more general ‘employability’ skills. Since starting in late 2016, two of our young bakers have moved on to paid employment (with support from the DSA’s WorkFit programme) and another is in the process of transferring too.


Another objective is to try and change perceptions surrounding learning disability through baking some really delicious, award-winning ‘lavosh flatbreads’ which are beautifully packaged and sold in delicatessens/fine food shops and at farmers’ markets and food festivals.


Lastly, we recognise how important social opportunities are for our young people, so we organise 4 to 6 weekly social outings.


We bake at the Park Community Centre in Knowle, Bristol and currently work with about 25 young adults over a week, baking on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9.30 until 3pm.


Neale Fox, who ran the Horizons Programme at City of Bristol College, is our Training & Support Manager and we are supported by a committed team of lovely volunteers.


You can have a look at our website and/or our (slightly more up to date) facebook page: for more information.


Please do contact us if you’d like to come and see what we do and we’d be very grateful if you could spread the word to prospective bakers, professionals and parents/carers about our upcoming Open Mornings!

Sixteen: Specialist Job Coaching support in the community, in education and in the work place.


Sign up to our free Enterprising People workshop on 29th April. 


A RED workshop delivers fun and accessible workshops for peopl with learning disabilities and their support team interested in exploring self-employment and small business ownership

  • Develop a business idea

  • Initial finance and break even

  • Customer and consumers


To book a place contact Alice on 07936 037123 or


For further infomation take a look at our website