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A branch of the National Autistic Society

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NAS Avon Branch

A branch of the National Autistic Society


Wellbeing COllege

As part of the BIS Community Learning Mental Health project there is funding available to arrange a range of  FREE courses to adults 19+ experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. These courses are available to those suffering with anxiety, stress, sleep problems or prolonged low mood. Those who have already been on a course have reported significant improvements in their wellbeing.


Bespoke courses can also be arranged for groups at your centres looking to improve your wellbeing, in areas such as: Digital Stories, Arts, Textiles, Crafts, Healthy Living, Exercise, Relaxation, Healthy Eating, Gardening.


If you need any more information regarding the project please do not hesitate to contact Louise Weller on

Please see our latest courses for you. To sign up for any of these workshops please go to:


Just some of of the popular or new courses available:

  • Woodland Mindfulness

  • Lakeside willow weaving

  • Macmillan Cancer Support – HOPE Programme. Do you need support following your cancer episode?

  • Ipads for Beginners 50+ (with certain eligibility criteria)

  • Ceramic Workshop for Deaf or hard of hearing- Hand-building techniques with Clay (with certain eligibility criteria)


The Wellbeing College offers a wide range of courses for B&NES volunteers, they will help you to build your confidence and improve your skills in your volunteering capacity.


There are also more groups and activities to be found in this great resource The Hope Guide: And don’t forget Banes Talking Therapies also offer FREE courses to help with unhelpful thinking:


For more information on any of our courses please go to our website at: or call 01225 831 820. We also offer one to one wellbeing advice sessions to help point you in the direction.

FREE workshops at Carers Support Centre

For further information, please take a look at

The University of Bath has developed a free online course. Please take a look at the following for details: Technology for Children with ASD and ID - Online Course

Autism Training Programme in South Glos – provided by the National Autistic Society


Details of all the courses, and the dates, can be found on the South Glos Council website:


As well as the Level 1 Awareness Training and the Supporting Adults courses, there are more specialised courses in Autism and Maturity (to help staff support people effectively as they get older), Sensory Considerations, Relationships, Understanding Behaviour, and Criminal Justice Issues.  An E-learning module from the NAS Ask Autism package is also offered, free of charge, for those who want the introductory level, but can’t attend the half -day session.  


If an organisation has several staff who require training, bespoke sessions could be arranged. Please contact the training department to discuss


Autism Training in Bristol and BaNES

For details of what is available in Bristol or BaNES, please look at the Council websites,


Or contact BASS, the autism service:


Autism Information Talks

A one hour introductory talk on autism is available for those who would like to have some basic understanding of autism.  This is suitable for staff working in a shop or on reception to help them when they come into contact with someone with autism.  This talk can be delivered by NAS branch volunteers, so please contact the Avon Branch on the details below.

NeuroDiversity: a livign conference


Austism, Creativity and Engagement: 27th & 28th July at Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth, GL6 0LA

Discover and engage with new perspectives on autism through Talks, Panels, Performances and Workshops. This flyer has more information about the event.


Tickets are £25 per day, please call 01453 837537 for tickets or further information.

Take a look at their website too.

The Curly Hair Project (CHP) Training Sessions

The Curly Hair Project (CHP) is a social enterprise with worldwide appeal dedicated to supporting females with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and other autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Much of their training is also suited for males with AS and ASD. Find out more about them and what they do at the curly hair project.


Upcoming Autism training opportunities and events can be found here.


We have new lunchtime webinars  - great for busy schools and professionals to learn more about Autism, and team tickets are also available. You just watch and learn, and as it's a live training session there's the opportunity to ask questions. Have look online.


During Autumn 2018 I'm hoping to offer our one-day training events across the South West, aiming to reach as many of you as possible. Your input into this would be much appreciated, so please click here to complete a short survey and remember to pass it in to your friends and colleagues.